Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Classic NYFW tweets

I managed to avoid getting sucked into the mesmerizing, voyeuristic, black hole that is Twitter until about 6 months ago. Since then, I have enjoyed many a half-hour here and there wasting time spying on the lives of the fash-pack and other celebs as they indulge in their mundane daily activities. However, things have been looking up during NY Fashion week, with some entertaining tweets coming from all sectors of the fashion community. Just in case any of you are not on Twitter (and not at all because I have no interesting image-based entries to post on the blog ;-) ), here are a few of my favorite tweets from the past week;
"1st show of fashion week! Took a tumble! Got up! Fell again. Should have stayed down the first time. Twice! Ouch my knees!" - Agyness Deyn 
"Call the Fashion Police. There's someone wearing Uggs at Rodarte" - Elle UK
"Pillboxes, fur muffs and raccoon stoker. Well we are on Park Avenue, albeit at a men's show..." - ShowStudio
"Dear God-ess, please let me go to sleep and not have to run all over NYC tonight." - Kelly Cutrone
"Perilous lit wax sculpture next to Andre Leon Talley's Fur!" - ShowStudio 
"Y-3 feels like "why 300 looks?" think I'm getting deep-vein thrombosis" - ShowStudio
Just wish I could be there to experience it in person. All I can saw however is thank F. for live streaming!


  1. Haha the fashion police one!

    I've been tweeting and watching showstudio non stop for two days. Its addictiveee...

  2. Creative use of twitter! Love the first tweet! Ran into your blog via PamLibra, and IFB.

    I'd love to follow your blog, via Google Connect. Be honored if you'd return the favor. Cheers!