Monday, February 1, 2010

waiting, waiting, waiting. Oh, and something slightly nautical.

 This morning involved a very early start and a trip to the US immigration office to sort my visa out, followed by a long wait, which gave me chance to catch up on a big batch of British Vogue magazines that my mum dispatched to me from back home. All I can say is thank f. that I had such interesting reading material else the wait would have been pretty unbearable. 

Long wait over, I was ushered over to a counter where I had to stand and chat to an immigration officer. Now, when i booked the appointment online, I was given a ton of information on what to bring/not bring etc, but I wish they had also included notes on suitable footwear, as my mega heel platform wedges did some serious damage to my ankles as i stood for 40 minutes at the counter waiting for the lady to file my documents. Never before have I longed more for a pair of ballet flats.

Anyway, to my point, and more so to my outfit. My waiting room reading, amongst which featured several breton-esque ensembles, caused me to dig out this somewhat nautical outfit when I got home and had finished massaging my long suffering feet. The Breton top I have had forever, well about 15 years actually (good job it was really loose when I got it), and the jacket was a French Connection find from the Summer. 

Wow, Summer - that seems like ages ago. Come back Sun, where are you??!


  1. I like your nautical jacket and YES they should mention the footwear part (-:

  2. I love the jacket!!!! good luck with your visa

  3. Cute Jacket. Summer will come!

    -The Wish List

  4. Your jacket is great :D
    I miss summer too!

  5. P.S. I left you a best blogging award o my blog - you can pick it up in today's post (-:

  6. i've passed the beautiful blog award on to you! :D
    you can get it from my blog
    Sonia x

  7. Thanks guys for the awards, and thanks to all of you for stopping by my blog xoxo