Monday, January 25, 2010

Treasure hunting in my wardrobe.

Due to a lack of transportation, I've been holed up in the house today. Boooooo-ring! With nothing apart from a marathon of Project Runway to keep me mildly amused, I found myself rummaging through my wardrobe and re-discovering old favorites. Top of my finds was this Phillip Lim black V-neck jumper, with an unusual back in the form of a line of buttons, which when opened reveals a nude coloured sequin panel. (gotta love those sequins).

My trawl unearthed further sequined delights in the form of this Moschino cardigan, which I believe was initially part of a twinset, yet I appear to have lost the matching top somewhere on my many moves across the Atlantic. I tried it on, and was delighted to see that it still fits. It has a very 'ladylike' style however, so I think I'll have to un-pretty it a bit and perhaps 'rough it up' a bit with a leather jacket. Either that or reach for the pearls and Alice headband.

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