Monday, January 11, 2010

Sheer lace print top

Whilst its obviously fun to go shopping and pick out outfits for yourself, it can often be even more exciting to receive unexpected fashion gifts. not only are these items free (yipee!) but they may have been things that we did not notice in the shops ourselves, or something we would not have necessarily chosen / could afford / bothered to try on.
And so then, a big thank you to my beloved for the top which he gave me. I've been drawn to all the sheer items that are around at the moment (yes, even in this cold weather) and so was delighted to receive this sort of floral/lace print top from Urban Outfitters. Desperate to wear it today, I had to team it with some pretty heavy duty additions to keep out the cold. These consisted of a very thick and long (I had to roll it over 4 times) ribbed, knitted snood/scarf from Reiss that i received as a Christmas gift  two years ago, and a thick leather biker jacket, also coincidentally from Reiss fall '08 collection.

Much as I love the Winter, especially the Fall/Winter collections, footwear is a bit of an issue in the chilly weather. I was initially wearing these McQueen platform peep toes (bought in a sale last year at a ridiculously reduced price), until I ventured outside for about half a minute, ran back inside and had to put on some 'sensible' shoes.

P.S Being my first 'outfit' post, I never realized how difficult it is to actually capture pictures of oneself. After much propping up the camera on piles of magazines and shoe boxes, and then running back in place before the timer went off, these were the best I could do!


  1. Wow, a really great top! love the lace optic!
    Your man has a good taste!
    Wish you a wonderfull day.

  2. haha i go thru the same thing, but i guess its worth it. Love the fit and cute blog! i would love it if we could follow eachother!


  3. Tell me about it. You get to the point where it HAS to be always boots, hoody, scarf, gloves, all togther. I am sick of it!!

  4. I just found your blog! I love it!

  5. Ino how hard is it!
    I have to put my camera on my tripod, hit the self timer, sprint into position, sprint back and check, then do the whole thing again!

    And I love the outfit, especially those Mcqueen shoes, to bad you couldn't wear them!!


  6. Love those McQueen shoes. And you look great in your outfit post. Its hard to take those yourself,but you did great!