Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vintage gold clutch with hidden treasures

So, today has been pretty uneventful. I mostly spent the day trying to organize my clothing and accessories, but it seemed to take me forever as I kept on finding items which I had forgotten about, and then rediscovering the joys of them all over again ( I love it when that happens, it feels almost as good as buying new things).
While I was doing a quick bag inventory, I remembered about this vintage evening clutch that I have been meaning to post about since I received it as a Christmas gift. It has a hard, box-like structure, is slightly bigger than my hand and is surprisingly heavy for its size. When i opened it on Christmas Day I remember thinking, 'wow this is really beautiful, but why is it so heavy?' The answer was to be revealed on opening it......

TA DAAAAAA.....! On opening one side of the bag, I revealed an inbuilt mirror, a coin holder, a lipstick holder, and what I assume is a section for holding old school cigarettes (or as I use it for.. credit cards). There are also three clips, which pivot on a hinge to hold a comb.

The other side revealed a lighter, and a space ideal for (more) credit cards or money, or if you have one, a really tiny, thin mobile phone.
Apparently, the bag was from the 1920's and so I love to think of all the glamorous outings it would have had. Hopefully it will be able to add a few more glamorous moments to its life at its new home chez moi.


  1. This is beyond awesome! I love vintage. It looks like it's in pristine condition. It's a good thing it didn't tarnish.

  2. This clutch is amazing! I love it. You're definitely a lucky gal to own this little gem.

  3. I agree. That clutch is awesome! Shame that it is so heavy though - but I guess all the things inside make up for that!

    Great blog!
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  4. What an amazing Christmas present that is truly stunning,and to have a peice of history must be exciting :)

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