Monday, January 18, 2010

Random musings on perspex shoes and bags

The Fendi S/S 2010 show reveled some gorgeous clothes obviously, but I have to admit that as I poured over the images on Style, it really was these two perspex clutches that stole the show for me. In particular, having a penchant for all things studded and/or spiky, the clutch below was the piece de resistance for me. I mean, look at it, it even has a bare stud-less patch so you can hold it properly without your hand being impaled on the studs - how thoughtful!

The clear perspex look also cropped up again in the Fendi show with the shoes. I love the wrap around ankle tie, but sadly, every time I see this kind of perspex platform on shoes, i can't help but think of those worn by strippers (not that i have anything against strippers of course, I mean who doesn't want to know how to work a pole??!!).


S/S 2010 also saw Prada attempting to utilize clear plastic in their shoes, and whilst I'm loving the chandelier effect of all those chunky crystals I'm a bit distracted by that whopping great big exposed velcro strap. It reminds me of 'jelly shoes' I used to have to wear on the beach as a child. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?!

Shoes I did love from the S/S shows ( apart from the Mc Queen ones I previously posted about ) were these Jil Sander ones with their very delicate looking heel. Roll on the Fall 2010 shows so that I can see what footwear delights are in store for next winter!


  1. I love this shoe post - you had me laughing so hard with your comments! Great shoe selects too. Yes AW was nice - isn't that the best when someone really is in person (-:

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  3. Thanks for visiting me behind the "censored curtain" ha ha ha. They removed it an hour ago - it was all over the bloglovin icon I had on my page - can you believe that? Your funny comment really cheered me up - thank you SO much!