Friday, November 20, 2009

Fashion Adventures

The December issue of British Vogue had a great article which listed '30 Ultimate Fashion Adventures'. Number 18 on the list was ;
"Wear head to toe Gareth Pugh when meeting your boyfriend's parents"
Already having a man of long term standing, I don't expect to be having any 'first-time-meeting-the-parents encounters.' However, if I had the opportunity, the above look from his Spring 2007 collection, would easily be my look of choice for its sheer impracticality and beauty. Not to mention, I wouldn't have to worry about hair or makeup. 

Close runners up would be :

Fall 2006

Spring 2008
(photos courtesy of

I remember GP creating some amazing pieces during his stint on the reality show 'The Fashion House' which was aired in the UK years ago, just after he graduated. He has talked about this phase of his life being on the show as 'horrible', and the only alternative to being on the dole. I however can picture all the wonderful things he created, including a Breton stripe body suit (covering the head and face also) attached to some sort of cube (i think), and a big black PVC suit with a chesterfield sofa-like giant hump/bulge on the back. Sadly however, I couldn't find any pictures out there on the web.  

Anyway, I digress.(Sorry, any excuse to talk Gareth Pugh again..) Other notable fashion adventures listed in the article included;

"Gallop away in a Balenciaga riding hat" (number 26)
"Climb the fire escape of a 30 storey Manhattan hotel in a Gucci minidress and heels" (number 1)
"Walk barefoot across Venice's Piazza San Marco at midnight, with a full-skirted silk Prada dress billowing around you" (number 20)
"Wear Le Smoking to seduce a man in the bar at The Carlyle in Manhattan" (number 11) 

Suddenly, the life list I made last year (containing the usual stereotypical goals - run a marathon, see the Great Wall of China etc, etc...) all seems rather dull in comparison. Time to dive into my wardrobe, slip into my glad rags, and go live some fashion adventures. 

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