Friday, November 6, 2009

I wish i was a child again.....

...Just so I could wear this mini military blazer (see below left) designed by Stella McCartney, as part of her new range for Baby Gap and Gap Kids. When I looked at the rest of Stella's Gap baby and kids collection, Literally, for like, half a nano-second I actually considered having children just as an excuse to buy these glorious pieces. Then I remembered all the reasons I don't like children (noise, smells, their ability to turn trans-atlantic flights into a nightmare, their inability to speak a proper language,etc etc), and sadly (unlike many other of my life decisions)fashion won't be ruling over this particular choice.

P.S The range is out in selected Gap stores now, so all you Yummy Mummies better get a move on before its going, going .....gone.

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