Friday, November 6, 2009

Urban Picnic Spots #1

Brown Hart Gardens, W1

Much as we all love London, we do often find ourselves needing to take a moment to chill the f. out. At times like these, particularly when I find myself caught up in the horrors of Oxford Street on the way to/from Selfridges, I make my way up the steep stone steps into the tranquil surroundings of Brown Hart Gardens. The perfect spot to just sit and nibble on a snack from any of the numerous surrounding eateries, or meet friends on a break from work. Relatively tourist - free, the gardens, comprise of a private, raised terrace, with large colourful flowerbeds, and seating on benches, and in little alcoves, carved into the stone. During the Summer months the Gardens host a series of free outdoor concerts - perfect coupled with a lover (or good friend, if you must) and a bottle of wine.

P.S. There's also a rather nice sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn entitled 'Volaire', which fits beautifully within the gardens. 

Map showing how to get to this Urban Oasis:

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