Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Signat Case

This weekend I was hanging out in Denver, Colorado. Seeking shelter from the very (and i mean VERY)cold weather, I found myself in the Cherry Creek shopping mall. The mall itself, was the usual mix of upscale, high street stores, with a few Luxe retailers thrown in for good measure. Anyway, I stumbled upon a Samsonite store which was closing down and had everything greatly reduced. Here, I found this Matthew Williamson Signat case, which I had seen in several magazines ages ago when it was released back in 2006(I think) as part of one of the Samsonite Black Label designer collaborations.

The bag (which I love for its nerdy, geek-chic appearance) comes in a silver and pink strapped carry case, and includes a small makeup pouch. The true joy however, is when you open up the little briefcase itself, and see the very williamson-esque printed cloth interior, in all its technicolour glory. At a mere $50 (reduced from $360) I just couldn't help myself.

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