Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Billboard bracelet vs. Patricia Field bracelet

Fashion inspiration can come from the most unusual of sources. Take this Billboard for example, which I took a photo of during my recent NY trip whilst taking a taxi ride from JFK to the hotel. The advertisement which is for Grand Marnier, features a lady (with gorgeous shoes) reclining in a chair and offering her cocktail glass up to be refilled. What drew my eye however was the chunky gold chain bracelet engulfing her small ladylike wrist. Consequently, over the next few days (and still continuing now..) I found myself searching Manhattan and the internet for a similar bracelet.
Sadly, during my stay in NY I didn't get to find a bracelet like this one, but did however find a totally different (but equally pleasing) one in the Patricia Field store.

 The search continues.......

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