Sunday, December 27, 2009

You can never have too many, shoes, bags...or gloves...

.....especially if you are talking about these gorgeous leather gloves from Cordwainers graduate Gemma Johnson. Whilst browsing the web, I chanced upon her site and I fell in love with the pleated fabric around the cuff of the glove, going down into a 'V' shape point on the top of the hand. Check out her website also for leather molded bags in a variety of angular/geometric shapes by the way - the perfect accessory to accompany these gloves.
It must be the chilly weather, but i've found myself purchasing several pairs of gloves already this season (see below), so I think i'll have to put any more glove purchases on hold for now. Unless I happen to find any bargains in the sales of course!


  1. cool blog! these gloves are fabulous... i'm going to follow :)


  2. I LOVE the black and the the cut off with the gold studs! What brand are those? They are fabulous. Love your blog

  3. Thank you both for the feedback.

    The black gloves are from Topshop, and the Metallic cut-off gloves are from Patricia Field.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog