Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas presents past

 I was really lucky as a child, as my Grandmother Eileen was always really into fashion. We used to enjoy several shopping trips in London together, and I used to love it when she went on big shopping sprees for her annual cruises on the QEII. She would also drop by and deliver me a fresh batch of fashion magazines each week, which I would sit and pour over for hours. Sadly, she died about five years ago, and I miss her greatly. Still, I take comfort in the many pieces of clothing and jewelry that she has passed on to me over the years, and one of my favorite pieces, is the gold locket that she used to wear everyday. The photos inside are of my brother and I as children, and its always good for a laugh to look at them.

My other favorite vintage hand me down present was from my Godmother, Sue, (AKA 'Auntie' Sue) who was my Grandmother's best friend. On my 21st, she gave me some of her vintage evening bags, my favorite of which is this beaded and sequined small white clutch. I've been using it often since I was given it, and in fact took it out to my birthday dinner this year.

Its really well made, and the beading is very detailed, so here's a close up:

The bag also sparkles a lot in the right light, so its perfect for the Christmas party season.

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