Friday, December 4, 2009

Gareth Pugh SHOWstudio dress and feathered helmet

Looking through the SHOWstudio shop, to see the completed dress made by Gareth Pugh live at SHOWstudio (see earlier blog post), I was looking through other items in the shop, and saw this amazing feathered helmet, which he created for s/s 2010. Yours for the bargain price of 4,000 GBP.

Anyway, onto the dress itself........

Personally handcrafted by Pugh himself, you can see all the work that has gone into it. I'd love to have this piece and just display it in my home, although sadly i believe its already been snapped up by some lucky bidder. Oh well...

Also in SHOWstudio in the run up to Christmas has been Fred Butler, who has been decorating the studio's Christmas Tree. Butler has decorated/accesorised the tree using hand-made accessories, ranging from hair slides, brooches & bracelets, in varying textures and colours. I love the kind of cellophane-esque texture of them, they remind me of opening a tin of Quality Street.


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P.S Whilst blogging earlier this month about designer Christmas Trees, for some ridiculous reason, I neglected to include Gareth Pugh's 2008 tree for Topshop. it is;

In true Gareth Pugh style the tree tree comprises simply of 60 neon tubes attached to a free standing metal frame. Definitely on my Christmas list.

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